How can you find more information?

Royal London is a purpose driven modern mutual, helping customers, members and wider society protect today and invest in tomorrow. For more information about how we do it, please visit our website. Royal London recommends you seek professional independent financial advice before making financial decisions. You can learn more about the value of financial advice on our website, or visit Unbiased to find a trusted professional in your area.

If you would like more support on bereavement, please visit the bereavement hub on our website.

Listen to the October 2020 episode of our podcast, The penny drops, on ‘Why we should all be talking about death’, featuring Rankin and Jeff Brazier, as well as the February 2020 episode, ‘Why planning for death is so important’, for more information on financially preparing for death. If you have been moved or affected by the content of this exhibition, we encourage you to seek help and support. You can also find lots of helpful guidance and support on the following sites:

Making a will

Planning a funeral

Power of attorney

End of life care

Bereavement support and benefits

When someone dies