Breaking the silence
around death

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Since the outbreak of COVID-19, the subject of death has never been so prominent. But, despite it being a universal experience, we still find conversations about death incredibly hard, making it one of the life events we’re least equipped to deal with.

The unfathomable can sometimes eclipse the very real; the financial aspects, the logistics, the individual’s wishes. But if we keep avoiding the subject, the practicalities will continue to overwhelm us in our most vulnerable moments.

Following the Lost for Words exhibition, Royal London is launching How to Die Well, a practical guide to death, dying and loss featuring inclusive cultural conversations and all-important support and resources for anyone dealing with death. Across personal essays, chapters, fact sheets, activity pages, interviews and original illustrations, the book aims to prepare people for the inevitable and help those left behind.

From dealing with estates and arranging a funeral, to emotional support networks – our goal is to provide everyone with the tools necessary to cope with loss.

Together, let’s break the silence. After all, it’s everyone’s business.